AllBusinessMediaFM Interview

Interview: All Business Media FM

It was my privilege to by interviewed by CJ McCaul at All Business Media FM radio and talk about ANAGARD, LLC typical services for entrepreneurs that are launching a new small business or a startup.

Listen to the interview:

AllBusinessMediaFM Interview
AllBusinessMediaFM Interview with Dragana Mendel

Key Takeaways:

  • Who is ANAGARD, LLC typical customer?
    My typical customer is an entrepreneur that is launching a new business of the ground and needs help with market research and customer discovery. For researchers and innovators that own unique IP for a technology, I usually work with them on their technology commercialization strategy and go-to-market pathway.
  • How do I determine who to accept as a client?
    Most of the time I take a role for part-time Chief Marketing Officer for a new business or a startup, so it is incredibly important to have excellent work chemistry with a client. Within a small team, there is no place for any friction or miscommunication that such mistakes are detrimental to the early success for the young company.
  • What are your plans for the future?
    I enjoy running my lifestyle business that works closely with innovative entreprenuers launching high growth startups, so I plan to stay in this role in the future.