Interview: Small Business Owners Group in Raleigh/Durham

Interview: Raleigh-Durham Small Business Owners & Professionals

I was privileged to by interviewed by Bill Davis, the owner of Raleigh-Durham Small Business Professionals & Owners group and talk about my business philosophy, values, and the type of customers I serve. I hope that this interview will give you insight into my work style and approach to customers. I do look forward working with you, my dear blog reader!

Watch the interview:

If you want to skip to fast forward to a specific topic in the interview, use the minute markers below:

  • 0:40: Elevator pitch, introduction to ANAGARD, LLC, business growth consulting for startups and small businesses. Confidential advisor to startups needing help with go-to-
  • 3:15: What are the markets that you serve, typical customers? I serve startups and/or new businesses that are still searching for profitable business model. The key is customer discovery process, value proposition building and finally a business model itself. “Built and they will come” is favorite activity for engineers, something that I relate to well as a software engineer of 15 years. However, my MBA thought me to be customer centric.
  • 6:50: What would we find surprising about ANAGARD, LLC? It’s surprising to be in the startup consulting business in the first place, because this type of client is cash strapped. However, I bring the most value to early stage businesses, as I work directly with startup founders to validate, refine their business model, execute a pivot if needed. V
  • 8:00: How did you get into this business? After spending 15 years in hi-tech, corporate research & development, I earned an MBA and changed roles from software engineering to business development. My passion is to support local community and local entrepreneurs.
  • 10:25: Books you can recommend to business owners? My focus is on innovation, so I recommend business model canvas by Alex Osterwalder  and value proposition design.
  • 12:54: How to contact me? You are already here on my web site, so just take a look at the contact information in a header.

Dragana Mendel, a management consultant for startups, small and medium size businesses develops and executes growth strategies for her clients. Please call for 30 minutes complimentary discovery session to assess your business current situation and market development needs.