Triangle Startup Weekend: Social Impact

I am so excited to be invited to mentor and coach local startups during Triangle Startup Weekend, Social Impact on February 4th and 5th! I am thrilled to bring awareness to triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) and double bottom line (people, profit) business models to our local startup ecosystem. Everyone knows that only profitability is essential for a business success, but how that profit is being distributed makes a difference to the local community. Double bottom line businesses create work environment for their employees above and beyond industry average, while triple bottom line go one step further, by making sure their operations are environmentally sustainable.

villageAfter fifteen years in corporate R&D, I have embarked on my own entrepreneurial journey as co-founder of several clean-tech startups. Through that experience, I have learned firsthand that fundraising for CAPEX heavy clean-tech startup is incredibly hard because investors greatly discount societal and environmental impact these new business could make. In my work as a startup consultant, I help cleantech business polish their investor pitch so they focus on financial metrics that investors can easily understand. In fact, all North Carolina startups that I have mentored, have won Cleantech Open competitions over the last few years. (Cleantech Open 2013, 2014, 2015).

I encourage everyone that is interested in connecting with entreprenuers and mentors that look beyond financial bottom line to register for TSW, expand their network and get invaluable feedback from mentors and judges.

  1. Register here for Triangle Startup Weekend, Social Impact.
  2. Active participation at TSW is extremely rewarding experience in itself, but being the winning team doesn’t hurt. Read my article advising new startup teams how to have create a winning pitch having only two days to prepare.
  3. Finally, winner get press coverage that always helps new business gain visibility and attract local talent needed to grow. Exit Event prequel to the event gives overview of different organizations and professionals that support sustainable businesses and their desire to give back to the community by organizing another TSW with social mission in mind.

Look forward mentoring startups with social mission. See you soon!

Triangle Startup Weekend, Social Impact recap

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