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Part 11/12 Internet Summit 2015: Email Marketing: Sending Less for More Success

Presentation Overview

Bart Thornburg | Sr. Manager, Email Marketing, WeddingWire

Most marketing emails make it through this world with the status “unread “- that’s a pretty depressing statistic for an email marketer to live with. Ignore your open rate for a moment and think about your “did not open” rate? Depressed? Not yet? Go ahead and calculate your “did not click” rate. In this 30 minute session, Bart considers the subscriber experience and presents a case study on actions taken at WeddingWire that have lowered their send volume but increased engagement. Session attendees will:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of email marketing best practices.
  • Walk away with tactics for reaching the right people with the right message at the right time.

Internet Summit is almost done and fatigue sets in. Bart has a challenging task of keeping the audience engaged late into the conference, late in the afternoon, when most people are starting at the clock or scrolling endlessly trough their FaceBook feed.

Email open rate

Numerous studies have been written about email marketing. Most small businesses by now use some sort of email automation tool and can get plenty of advise from their providers. Nevertheless, getting people to open the email is not getting any easier.  95% of email sent does not get open, so there’s room for growth. Bart advises people not to focus so much on open and click rate, but to provide the best experience with your consumers. Sending less email is certainly a good value proposition for time starved small business owners. From personal experience, I have to agree that less is more. There are few retailers of women fashion that send me a promotional email every single day. After several days of receiving the same email over the over again, there’s only one thing a person can do: unsubscribe.Marketing design over beige background, vector illustration

Most people that receive B2B content open email on desktop during regular work hours; otherwise, they open it on mobile, but not as often. People using mostly large desktop screen, can  pay attention to a long email with more thought provoking content. On the other hand, B2C communication has to be short and swee.   Email is 1-1 authentic conversation that needs to be sent when user is ready. Consider open environment, what client is doing and how busy they are at that moment. Your subject line sends signals, so that’s the most important signal to open/not open email. A/B test your segmentation that you put in place a year ago and haven’t challenged since then.

Always end all emails with call to action. For example, add a button that says: cannot register at this time? Register anyway and we will send you a link to content for the webinar anyway because we know that this time may not work for you. This call to action should get better click rate because it is lower commitment than actually agreeing to watch the webinar in real-time.


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