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Part 9/12 Internet Summit 2015: Disruptive Content Marketing, Disciplined Results

Presentation Overview

Geoffrey Colon | Communications Designer, Social Data Expert, Microsoft

Modern communication forces Fortune 500 companies, C-Suite execs, entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups with little to no resources to adopt the technology, the platforms and behavior of its customers in order to feel like a partner, an ally, a friend. Customers have the upper hand and will always move faster than businesses who are mired in decisions by committee, lack or resources or where to allocate resources for biggest business impact.

In this discussion, Pay-Per-Click specialist and social data expert Geoff Colon of Microsoft will present how to best approach your content marketing strategy:

  1. How do you find your core group of early adopters who will be your most loyal customers?
  2. How do you use analytics as a core part of your planning and results measurement strategy?
  3. While content may be king, distribution is queen and guess what piece yields more power on the chess board? When and where do you invest in search engine marketing and paid social ads to help with conversion rate optimization?
  4. Real decisions are not made solely from the logical areas of your mind but the emotional areas rooted in biology and evolution. How are you using “sight, sound and motion” to connect with customers so they can ingest content in an emotionally resonant form that is most friendly to their learning/adoption style?
  5. How to make your organization more disruptive while being more disciplined in your marketing approach whether you are a growth hacker or a CMO.

For tips on content marketing follow Geoff on Twitter @djgeoffe. For tips on search engine marketing follow Bing Ads on Twitter @bingads, For a preview of his presentation check out the presentation on SlideShare

Geoffrey Colon is in change of Bing Ads at Microsoft. He recently published a new book, Disruptive Marketing: What Growth Hackers, Data Punks, and Other Hybrid Thinkers Can Teach Us About Navigating the New Normal.

Marketing is a lot like art, because popular marketeers are doing some interesting things that make people want to follow them and engage with them. The trick is to  figure out how to make people to act, to do something, what is that magic call to action because at the end of the day all people are looking for solutions. Unfortunately, we are overwhelmed with information in this day and age, so how do we carve out the space where we have more time to think and contemplate and automate repetitive task s as much as possible? Because of the huge amount of  automation that marketeers are currently using, the emphasis has shifted to people, face-to-face interactions. Because of automation prevalence, we chose to engage with each other in person, so live events are getting increasingly important as they provide opportunities for people to get together. We are moving from knowledge economy to creative economy. It’s all about people. People participation is what drives us to participate with each other.Idea concept with row of light bulbs and glowing bulb

The Five Dynamics of Content

What makes vendor stand out from others? Utility or creativity? What’s relevant? Current relevant news make people to connect.

  1. Understand your audience. Abundance in the world is not evenly distributed today, even though we have a lot of resources. Distribution is a challenge. To stand out from the crowd, one has to be authentic. Figure out who’s your customer and how to reach them specifically,  so don’t try to reach everyone. If you stand for everyone, you serve no one because there’s overabundance of services and products and you have to find your match. Unfortunately, most marketing managers don’t do that because we are fearful of the rejection. Storytelling works because for centuries it enabled us to make sense of the world, so we are moving back to that era, using stories to connect to each other in the world of abundant content.
  2. Entertain the crowd. People seeking information online are temporarily escaping their day-to-day reality of executing tasks. Even though they may be seeking information that is relevant to their job, they still prefer to be entertained in the process.
  3. Educate the crowd. Web site visitors came to you because they seek specific information to the problem they currently face. Give them meaningful answers, ideally using a lot of visuals and less dissertation style papers.
  4. Content curation. There’s no reason to reinvent the well and constantly product original content; curate your favorite articles. When curating content, pay attention to conversation occurring on social media platform, analyze the chatter, if people engage with certain theme or not.
  5. Original content is creative and it disrupts the status-quo.

How to create disruptive content?

Start searching for disruptive content themes first with people with whom you have strong ties: people you talk to on regular basis. Then, for marketing purposes, you want to look for weak ties, talking to people outside your circle. Social media makes that easy.

Read the long tail because today’s economy is niche economy. Influence few to buy into your business and most likely you could create new category of content of products. For example, can people use a smartphone app or responsive web site to order pizza from your small business? If so, that’s a differentiating factor for your shop.

How do you differentiate yourself from the noise and clutter out there? Be generalists hybrid, know little bit of everything: know content marketing, SEO, paid social, distribution, be a person to be able to work end-to-end projects. Some small businesses have to do that anyway because they have only one person on marketing team.

Post-digital world is even more important now than yesterday because everyone is online. So receiving a really creative, nice physical item (book, gadget) it feels nice. That’s the reason why events are so important.

Unfortunately, this year ISUM15 presentations have been reduced to 30 minutes, so most presenters rush trough their usual presentation without having time for Q&A. Because of that, some presentation summaries don’t have a lot of actionable information for small businesses.


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