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Part 10/12 Internet Summit 2015: Beyond the #Hashtag

Presentation Overview

Ryan Oliver | Brand Strategist, Twitter

Brands are utilizing Twitter to connect to their core audience. No other platform combines the live, public, and conversational nature of Twitter, which presents a unique opportunity for brands to connect in moments that matter. Learn about some recent campaigns that have helped brands maximize their digital dollars, along with how they are leveraging new Twitter products like consumer video, Twitter cards, and Vine influencers.

Ryan manages brand strategy for Twitter for the East region. He helps brands connect with Twitter audience. For example, marketeers like emojis, and can help them figure out the right one. He helps them create moments that matter, as he can work with businesses in-house advertising agency.

How to be the best brand on Twitter?

Based on his experience with brand marketing managers, he observes that the best brands in terms of customer engagement on Twitter have 6 things in common:

  1. Timing. Be ready to respond in real-time and prepare for big events. Everything is about now, current moment.
  2. Adventurous. If you want to be the first one to do something, don’t ask for the case study and KPI first … nope! Just try.
  3. Customer focus. Know your audience and connect with them. Fortunately, knowing audience is easier than ever with pleura of analytical tools available to marketing managers.
  4. Resourceful. No matter marketing budget, enterprise or startup size, everyone can be creative, resourceful and effective in reaching out target audience. How do you do build your following matters.
  5. Insights. Good brands knowing something about their audience specific behavior, so they are ready to react to it.
  6. Personality. If your brand could be celebrity, what would that be? Chevy did a bunch of emoji tweets, Bud Light too, Domino Pizza, Taco Bell is searching for an emoji. Most selected successful food brand tweets have up to 100 retweets.

The power of now. Mobile has disrupted everything, so it’s a battle to get person’s attention. It takes only 76 seconds before person moves on to your competitor web site. An average person unlocks smartphone 150 times per day!  The challenge is how to win a battle for relevance? By connecting to people’s passion in the moment, in real-time when people are tuning to Twitter as major events are unfolding. twitter birds

Targeting customer segments

On Twitter, marketing managers can target people by: geography, age, gender, conversation, interest, events, TV show preferences, etc. For example,  during MTV VMA, 675M tweets were sent during the show that lasted only few hours! 1B tweets per year are associated with music alone. Because of that, Verizon started #WhyNotWednesday to connect with music fans and talk to them. My personal observation: Taylor Shift had 10k retweets, while a major brand has only 2-300 retweets on the same subject, so celebrity trumps business, which reinforces the message that being authentic on social platform matters.

Capitalize on culture — know what major events are coming and prepare for them. Plan for predictable annual events and prepare tweets ahead of time. 28.4B tweets are sent during Super Bowl broadcast alone! But, how do you stand out from all that noise? McDonalds sent out 50 tweets asking people to retweet and enter into sweepstakes for Toyota Camry.

Move from product as a hero to brand as a purpose. REI closed its stores on Black Friday because they knew that a lot of people hate shopping on that day. They created a very popular  hashtag #OptOutside to stay true to their brand values, even though they would miss out on the Black Friday sales.

Moments feature allows brands could curate content on their own, they don’t have to wait for media to take the lead by singling out a hashtag that went viral.

Ryan believes that when connect personal passion plus timelines of the message you get personal paper letter quality of engagement. But, some people think that direct messages are spam particularly when received from a small business. What do you think?