Searching for the right person. Loupe over the blue human figure standing out of the grey crowd

Part 8/12 Internet Summit 2015; Making the Case for SEO

Always pitch the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort to C-level executives

Presentation Overview

Michael King | Founder & Digital Marketing Consultant, iPullRank

We all know that Organic Search is a big opportunity for qualified traffic, but how big? And once you’ve determined that, how do you create a compelling business case to get your boss or the C-Level to invest in SEO? And if you’re an SEO consultant having trouble getting your clients to implement your recommendations, what steps can you take? In this 30 minute session, technical marketer Mike King will walk you through:

  • The steps for blending the technical aspects of SEO with audience insights.
  • How to get your arms around understanding the organic search opportunity.
  • How to build compelling a business case and get buy-in for your SEO and Content Marketing efforts.
  • Presentation: 

Michael King, Founder  and Digital Marketing Consultant at iPullRank gave advised SEO (Search Engine Optimization) managers how to communicate the importance of SEO optimization to C-suite executives using well known business metrics and avoid SEO technical jargon.

Everyone that is in change of marketing budget has used paid advertising at some point. Advertising is costly and it produces mixes results. Because of that, Michael recommends that SEO effort is used to reduce the paid search budget. After all, people rather click on organic search results than paid ones. Over time, time and effort invested toward SEO, will reduce the need for paid SEO. Ultimately, your SEO budget will shrink over time when done right  When presenting to CMO level executives, he recommends talking in terms of “shared voice” instead of “link building” SEO technical term.Searching for the right person. Loupe over the blue human figure standing out of the grey crowd

In his presentation, Persona driven keyword research, Michael recommends to map keywords to persona and their intent (transactional, informational and navigational) and need state (brand awareness, familiarity, consideration, purchase, loyally). However, a short keyword can be ambiguous, so it’s best to go with entity matching, describe what is the intent of the search query.

Keyword data collection tools are plentiful and most of them are free, table below.

Tool Purpose Cost
Google Adwords Keyword planner. Enter URL and Google will tell you keywords associated with that page. Free
Semrush Spy on your competitors From $70/month
Keyword Tool A great tool to discover long tail keywords Free
Bottlenose Sonar social media listening tool, highlights conversations and relationships between Twitter users Paid
Topsy social media search and analytics Free
SEO Tools for Excel Bring data directly to Excel file Free
Grepwords Robust API for keyword data From $15/month
Keyword studio Keyword search and automatic categorization From $39/month
Alchemy API Build smart apps with natural language processing Paid
STAT Rank tracking and SERP analytics Paid
Excel-Rest GitHub plug in Get your API data directly into Excel Free
SEO Gadget for Excel Get data from Moz, Majestic SEO, Grepwords within Excel Free


With all these tools at your disposal, you can start to build keyword portfolio. Do search volume analysis, audience survey to build your first keyword portfolio. Also, be mindful of keyword difficulty, competition and how to take advantage of long tail keyword strategy.

How to pitch SEO project to C-level executives

How to overcome failures? Don’t give a weak presentation to C-level executives, and even worse over the phone. Always lead with beautiful visual presentation to top executives that include VP of Marketing, SEO manager, different stakeholders and show value to everyone in the audience. Balance data with telling the good story to get buy-in to get things done. SEO agencies should give content why a detected technical issue matters. Never stop pitching for SEO as there will always be opportunity to go after, more keywords to explore.

Key Takeaways on SEO for Small Business Owners

  • SEO is getting more and more complex.
  • If your business is very specialized, you could do your own SEO. Otherwise, little outside help would be welcomed.