Part 6/12 Internet Summit 2015: Forget SEO Keywords, use Content Portfolio

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(Last Updated On: December 7, 2015)

Forget SEO Keywords – Here’s How To Create Content Portfolio to Grow Your Business

Presentation Overview

Arnie Kuenn | CEO, Vertical Measures, author of Content Marketing That Works eBook

You totally buy in to the fact that content marketing IS the new marketing. But did you know that 93% of all buyers, online or in stores, use search engines prior to making a purchase? And 86% of those searches are non-branded queries? People want useful information and they want to find it fast. How are you going to get it to them?During this session you will learn what it takes to produce the right content to consistently grow your business:

  • How to consistently create content your market will enjoy.
  • How to produce the right content — even if you think your business is boring!
  • The best types of content to create for people AND search engines.
  • How to quickly optimize the content your prospects are looking for.
  • How to protect yourself against changes in the future.

Arnie Kuenn is no stranger to Internet Summit as he has presented several years in the row in front of the packed audience. He advises small business owners and marketing managers on the best practices for content marketing and he uses common sense approach, strategies that are easy to understand and implement.

It’s important to remember that 93% of the time people start researching products or services they look to purchase online, using a search engine. 86% of searchers conduct non-branded queries, and 90% of buyers prefer to click on organic links rather than sponsored ads. From that perspective, it’s important for all business to create content that will be found easily with organic search, not necessarily paid ads. In 2015, Google made major changes to its search algorithm, deemphasizing keywords and emphasizing natural language processing search, so content marketeers would need to shift away their strategy of building series of articles around selected keywords.

Business People in a Meeting with Business SymbolsTo showcase practical content creation strategies, Arnie summarized methodology developed by Marcus Sheridan, The Sales Lion

No matter what is your business, all your potential customers have top five questions in mind. How much will it cost them to buy your product or a service; what are typical problems you can expect post-purchase; how do you stack against comparable products; review; who’s the best in the field.

  1. Cost/price articles
  2. Problems articles
  3. Vs./Comparison-based articles
  4. Review-based articles
  5. “Best of” articles

Following the Great Recession in 2008, Marcus Sheridan’s fiber glass construction business in Virginia has been struggling, but not his entrepreneurial spirit. With less clients and more time on his hands, he decided to start writing about fiber glass pools. The first questions he would get from perspective customers is how much does a fiber glass pool cost? So, he wrote a really detailed article about it. On the verge of bankruptcy in 2009, he directed his sales staff to write about it all questions they have been receiving over the years so they can put the answers into blog posts. The results paid off. Today this post ranks the number one in search results. High visibility on the internet resulted into $2.5M in sales via HubSpot where he captures leads. The other popular article is: who are the best pool builders in VA? Even though Marcus talks about competitors, his blog post ranks the best, and people will read at the end how great he is too. Because of that, Arnie advises small business owners to embrace their local competition and write about them, because online researchers will be reading about it on your own web page, not competitors’. Praising your competitors is a bold move, but it gives you an aura of instant credibility. Nevertheless, don’t forget to include your own call to action at the end of the article, because ultimately you want to keep online visitors with your own business.

These are the glass fiber topics that drive web site for Marcus and ultimately helped his business grow in revenue:

Can you make top-5 content questions for your type of business?

Creating content is the first step and results are not immediate. It usually takes 6-12 months before you start to see results, such as high SERP ranking, high click trough rate, increased web traffic and ultimately more sales calls from perspective clients that have decided that you do have authority on the subject after reading your articles.

Gather staff that interacts with clients and see what are clients asking for. Sales people are getting FAQ all the time, so write them down and write content for it. Sales people have already been answering these questions in emails.

Tools for Content Marketing Research

It’s important to write content that people want to read, to provide answers to the questions people are seeking online. The easiest tool to use to see what people are looking for is  Google Suggest. Enter proposed title into Google search and see what comes up. Pay attention to related searches and suggestions. To really win in content marketing, you have to produce hundreds of articles during the year to make it work! Some articles will be very popular, most of them will not, but ultimately, with large number of articles, you will be playing well for long tail keyword strategy.

Keyword Tool IO is a great tool to use to  find out what audience is looking for. Inserting * in search box will make Google provide you more search suggestions, it will fill in the box for you what’s popular.

YouTube also provides suggested search capability. People go to You Tube mostly for two reasons: for entertainment or how-to videos. Hence, businesses should focus only on how-to content for B2B.

Finally, do not gamble your success on creating clever, fun content, as humor is sometimes hard to understand online in a written word.  Stick with the basis, be consistent, persistent, patient and results will come.

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