How to find a job with a startup

Presentation: How to Get a Job with a Startup?

Job search process is never easy, although job seekers looking for a position with a large, established corporation can successfully follow a well defined blueprint outlined by career coaches. Large companies post job openings on their web sites, or on job search aggregate web sites, so it’s easy to find openings, and network your way in via mutual colleagues. Further, and  similar career oriented web sites have tremendous amount of information on the corporate culture and compensation range (salary plus benefits). All that easily accessible information can help you narrow down the ideal short list of companies you want to work for.

How to find a job with a startup On the other hand, corporate professionals that are looking to switch jobs and work for a startup, have to adopt and learn a complete new way of uncovering job opportunities with new businesses. Because we help startups with their business growth strategy, Duke University, Pratt School of Engineering has invited us for the second time in the row to present and teach graduate students on the steps they can take to uncover startup job and how to get them.

Steps for finding a job with a startup

  • Funding stage corresponds to business growth stage. How much money being raised at Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C, Series D? In contrast, for a publicly traded company, we recommend to look at stock price trend over the last two years.
  • Seed stage startups are typically looking for co-founders or key, senior level employees that will be compensated mostly in equity.
  • Series A stage startup has raised $5-7M and is ready to hire employees. Series B stage startup has validated their business model and have raised $10-15M.
  • Definition: what is a high growth startup?
  • Series C, D stage startups are high growth companies with proved business model that is expanding rapidly.
  • Startup due diligence process:
    • Cultural fit
    • Business model evaluation
    • Cash burn rate
    • Legal

Watch Presentation “How to get a job with a startup”

For the second year in the row, Duke University has invited Dragana Mendel to present to the class of over 150 students in Master of Engineering Management program and talk what does it take to get a job with a high growth startup upon graduation. Students were highly engaged during an hour long presentation and have asked over a dozen questions following presentation. For the most part, they wanted to know if they would have an accelerated career opportunities with a startup, compared to large, established publicly traded corporation.

Slides (stay tuned for a video upload):

How to get a job with a startup? from Dragana Djuricic Mendel, MBA, MCS

Evaluate profitability of a startup’s business model

We can help experienced professionals evaluate business growth potential of a startup before they commit to a new position with that company. The same service we offer to startups that need to improve their pitch deck, can be used by professionals to evaluate the growth potential of the business that is few years old. We offer 45+ point score card that quantifies the success attributes of a business. Because we have evaluated countless pitches, business plans and helped numberer entrepreneurs improve their business, you can have a piece of mind that our score card will tell you if are planing to join a high growth company or avoid one that is slowly withering away. Engage with us today!