4 Office Space Options for Startups in Triangle, NC

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(Last Updated On: March 10, 2017)

Advances in telecommunications enabled a lot of people to work from home, but at some point, entrepreneurs need to leave the house and establish presence for themselves and the employees in a physical office. After all, meeting clients in a noisy coffee shop is not the best way to establish your authority and professionalism.

How to rent an office space for a small business in Raleigh/Durham, NC?

Time is the scarcest commodity for all entrepreneurs, small business owners and startup founders; there is simply never enough time to accomplish everything you would like  to for your business. This guide will help you save the precious time. Entrepreneurs in the Triangle metro area that are looking to get a physical office space for the first time, can use this guide to save days worth of research time.

Find out what type of space fits the best your new business and your budget:

  • Some places are really expensive, some not so much. Some lock you into a long years, some will let you in on month-to-month basis. Which one fits the best the growth trajectory for your business?
  • Do you like to work with other people sharing communal space? Do you thrive in a busy, somewhat noisy space. Or, do you need a quiet place to concentrate on your work?
  • Do you like enclosed office, but don’t mind sharing the space with others when you are not there?
  • Do you need an elegant conference room to impress your clients?
  • Are you seeking mentors and advisers?
  • Do you want complete privacy so you will be the only one with the key to your office?

Each option has a different price point per square foot. Some have with unique amenities or entrepreneurial community supported by mentors that can help your business grow.

The author is not a real-estate agent or a landlord; she is a small business owner and a management consultant. She has spent considerable amount of time over the last six years looking for a perfect office space for her businesses. In this guide, she shares with you pros and cons of renting out different office options, ranging from incubators, co-sharing places, traditional office parks to accelerators.

We wish you profitable business and we are confident that you will find this guide very valuable.Office Space for Startups in Raleigh/Durham

Guidebook Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Incubators
    • American Underground
    • HQ Raleigh
    • First Flight Venture Center
    • NCSU Centennial Campus Technology Incubator
    • Pinkubator
    • Wireless Research Center of NC
  • Office Parks
    •  1Q2015 Price Trend Update
    • 2017 Price Trend Update
  • Co-Sharing Offices
    • Nest Raleigh
    • RTP Frontier
  • Accelerators

Spend only $19.95 and save at least a few days of your precious time. You will benefit from our research into different office space options in Raleigh/Durham, NC. 

Preview the guidebook: office space options for startups & small businesses

Guidebook: Office Space Options for Startups from Dragana Mendel on Vimeo.

1Q2015 Update to the Guidebook

As of May, 2015, the guidebook has been updated with price changes that occurred between the end of 2015 and 1Q2015. With complete recovery of commercial real-estate market in Raleigh/Durham area, the lease prices are increasing at the fast clip. We have also added more links to co-working, co-sharing places, executive offices and market research reports.

1Q2017 Update to the Guidebook

As of March, 2017, the guidebook has been updated with price changes that occurred between 2015 and 2017. Office space in downtown Durham is extremely scarce and the most expensive. Co-sharing, co-working office space is booming in downtown Raleigh like mushrooms after a rain.

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