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Panelist at UNC 13th Annual Careers in Sustainability Forum

I am really excited to be on the consulting panel at UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School’s 13th Annual Careers in Sustainability Forum.
NCSU NetImpact leadership at UNC
NCSU NetImpact leadership at UNC

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I work with early stage cleantech companies helping them with technology commercialization process as they iterate their business models until they discover one that is going to be profitable. I have been working with startups that brought new technologies to the market a number of different industries: advanced fuels, biolubricants, LED lighting, small wind turbines, energy efficiency, agriculture, renewable energy, etc.
I look forward to an engaging panel discussion, meeting UNC NetImpact leadership team, and lets not forget to go trick or treating tonight!

Key Takeaways from the Careers in Sustainability Panel


  • Kal Trinkner, Ernst & Young
  • Rebecca Ciraulo, Navigant Consulting
  • Frank Nelms, Scott Madden
  • Dragana Mendel, ANAGARD

The panelists brought different perspective to the careers in sustainability and their experience is influenced by the size of the consulting firm they work for and the type of clients they typically serve. However, they all have at least one thing in common, which is a career that didn’t necessarily start with a consulting firm. Because of that, panelists agreed that students should develop functional expertise working for a large company so they can build their own credibility before they embark on a consulting career or before they decide to work for a small company or a startup.

Sustainable business practices are being implemented daily across the country at companies of different sizes and industries because these best practices improve operational efficiencies that ultimately improve profitability. Particular focus is being placed on the supply chain as companies want to ensure that their suppliers are sourcing raw materials in environmentally and socially conscientious manner that complies with all local regulations. Building a sustainable supply chain continues to be the area where a lot of improvement can be done to improve company’s operational efficiencies.

Dragana Mendel, a management consultant for startups, small and medium size businesses develops and executes growth strategies for her clients.