User Attention Span on the Internet Contracting

Over 80% of customers research local businesses online before they contact the business with the intent on making a purchase. Needless to say, having a visually pleasing, easy to navigate, informative, and mobile friendly web site is the key. The challenge is to make that first impression, to make online visitor engaged long enough to browse company web site. This is complicated by the fact that average Internet user attention span in the US is only six seconds in 2013 (Source: ACM Transactions of the Web)!

Only a year ago, in 2012, the average attention span on the Internet was 33% higher, at 8 seconds. With current downward trend, one has to wonder if we have reached the bottom, or are we collectively getting more and more distracted in our search for instant gratification? No matter what is the case, it is increasingly difficult for any business, particularly small one to reach out to customers and entice them to buy a product or a service.

 Average web site user attention span is now only 6 seconds! (Source: ACM Transactions of the Web)
Average web site user attention span is now only 6 seconds! (Source: ACM Transactions of the Web)

To defuse short attention span, business owners should:

  1. Have mobile friendly web site that is easily readable on any smart phone because mobile Internet traffic dominates ones from desktop computers and laptops; this trend will continue.
  2. Communicate the value proposition for your target customer on your landing page in less than six seconds. Short vine-style six seconds video helps with engagement.
    Succinctly communicating a value proposition for a product or a service takes effort and time to perform extensive customer discovery trough market research and competitive intelligence. Market research helps you identify the problems your potential customers face, so you can ensure that your new product or service can solve customer pain. The next step is to evaluate your competition, because customers will switch to your products only if they are significantly better, faster or cheaper. Then, you can with confidence communicate the value proposition, and keep web site visitors engaged as they immediately recognize the value that you offer to them.
    Value proposition structure can be communicated in one or two simple sentences:
    For people that currently struggle with…..
    We offer our solution XYZ ……
    That is about 30% better, faster or cheaper than currently available products.

    Web site visitors that identify with quickly and simply articulated “value proposition” will stay much longer on the web site and most likely convert to a paying customer.

  3. If the online visitor is still on your web site after six seconds, congratulations! She or he is interested in your product or a service. With superior customer service, he or she can be converted into a paying customer.

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