The age of solopreneur

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(Last Updated On: September 23, 2015)

The global economy is still sluggish, as it has not recovered from the Great Recession of 2008. Because of that and the advances in technologies that enable people to work remotely fairly cost-efficiently, we are seeing more people leaving the corporate race and opening their own business. Out of 29 million of small business in the US, 22 million are businesses that have no employees. These businesses are run, operated, managed by one person, a solopreneur.

More businesses and startups have been formed since 2009 than any other time in modern US history. The rate of new startups being formed doubled in the last two years. This is evident by looking at search engine trends as more and more people are asking the Internet what paperwork they need to do to form a new company.
On the other hand,  “Anxiety and stress” search engine terms over the last 10 years peaked in 2013 and it is showing upward trend. Clearly, people who are stressed out would first turn to the search engine to seek solace and advice. The question is why are we seeing this significant increase? Is it the changing economy?
Starting the business is hard and being a solopreneur is even harder. I am inviting all solopreneurs to connect to me (or your colleague in the same town) so we can collaborate, minimize our overhead and be more profitable as a group.

Dragana Mendel, a management consultant for startups, small and medium size businesses develops and executes growth strategies for her clients.


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