Internet Summit 2013: first impression

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(Last Updated On: December 4, 2013)

Last week I spent three days at the Internet Summit conference in Raleigh Convention center. For $200 or so early bird registration fee, this is the best $200 spent on continuing education you can get! The quality of presenters, panelist and keynote speakers is extraordinary as they all have the common one thing: they share freely and openly the knowledge about industry trends and best practices.

Kevin Pollak at Internet Summit 2013 stage
Kevin Pollak, actor, standup comedian, entrepreneur at Internet Summit 2013 stage

Three day long conference started off with Startup Summit where local Internet and digital media startups had an opportunity to showcase their companies. As a startup consultant, I pride myself in being knowledgeable about Triangle startup ecosystem, but I was surprised to see a number of companies completely new to me! They are mostly companies that are bootstrapping themselves. Because of that, they typically don’t socialize with people associated with local entrepreneurial organizations and accelerators. I find this encouraging because these new companies are focusing all their time and energy on product development and client acquisition, not on chasing prominent angel investors and local journalists covering the tech scene.

The main conference started off with a phenomenal keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-founder VaynerMedia, a successful entrepreneur with a talent for marketing that takes advantage of the latest technological and social developments.

“Marketers ruin everything”

is his favorite quote. Once a methodology or practice surpasses early adopters stage, marketers swamp the market and make this method useless for everyone else. For example, email open rate in 1996 was over 88% and now it’s about 9%, and going down fast to about 4% with Google Promotion tab hiding a lot of messages from the main Inbox. This trend makes really hard for all of us to stand out from the crowd and one way of doing that is with superior and customized customer experience. Hence, the rest of the conference was filled with panels sharing their wisdom on how to use content marketing, customer engagement and new social media channels to stand out from the crowd.

There were well over 2,000 people in attendance and it seams that every company in Carolinas that has at least one marketing person on their payroll was there. That means that small businesses, the Main Street businesses have a tremendous interest in digital marketing, but that doesn’t mean that they have human capital to execute new marketing strategies. Regardless, it’s good for them to be at the conference in order to keep abreast of the new trends in marketing tactics and strategies.

Finally, the keynote lunch speak by actor and stand up comedian Kevin Pollak is hard to beat! He’s incredibly funny, talented and business savvy. His advice to all creative people (actors, artists) is that they need to create artistic content and share it instead of waiting on the phone call from their agent to do the work. Internet makes content distribution easy, and number of followers on social media networks speaks to your talent and popularity. With a strong social media following, a big shot media producer will notice you and give you a call; no agents are necessary.

I look forward to next year conference!

Dragana Mendel, a management consultant for startups, small and medium size businesses develops and executes growth strategies for her clients.


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  1. 2. Don’t forget event and conference marketing 101! Don’t over focus on the technical specifics of social media that you lose track of basic event marketing 101! I have seen several events where the host forget to print an agenda for breakout sessions yet they have a full social media lounge setup. Ensure every step of the way you are offering value for your attendees, partners and exhibitors.

  2. With Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, and mobile marketing increasingly becoming a part of our small business marketing lexicon, one thing’s for sure: business marketing has changed enormously in just the last ten years. For businesses that want to tap into the potential of Web marketing, having a professional-looking Web site that’s been optimized for the search engines is no longer something to keep in mind for the future–it’s an immediate necessity. Most well-rounded integrated marketing strategies should include everything from SEO marketing and social marketing to blog marketing and some form of face-to-face marketing.

  3. The holistic marketing concept looks at marketing as a complex activity and acknowledges that everything matters in marketing – and that a broad and integrated perspective is necessary in developing, designing and implementing marketing programs and activities. The four components that characterize holistic marketing are relationship marketing, internal marketing, integrated marketing, and socially responsive marketing.

  4. Version française The first edition of the Interactive marketing conference will bring companies operating in the digital advertising and marketing space together with decision-makers who understand the value of investing in interactive marketing. In this one day conference, keynote speakers Chris Anderson, Paul Gillin, and Bryan Segal will share frontline experiences, concepts and visions. A panel of leading Canadian interactive communications players will also explore how business advertisers can leverage online social networks in their marketing efforts.

  5. Then, I attended the session discussing the cross-channel/cross-media case study about the team-up of NASCAR & Nationwide Insurance (see picture below) by Dennis Giglio (AVP digital marketing at Nationwide Insurance) and Raghu Kakarala (chief strategy officer at Engauge). It’s a nice example of companies integrating TV & radio commercials, online (banners), e-mail, agents, social (Facebook & Twitter), show car touring the country. They also put “ code spotter sweepstakes ” to good use: e.g. showing the codes below at the NASCAR race track, but also on TV, in radio commercials, online, in social media to win VIP prizes. Moreover, it greatly helps them in their data collection effort both for lead generation, and for getting to know their customers better.

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