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A consulting firm wants to obtain an exclusive license for my two software products. They will provide support and sales/marketing. What …

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The question is probably misleading because consultants are typically not engaged in the business of reselling software, distributors are. Nevertheless, learning opportunities lost due to outsourcing sales and marketing business function outweigh any benefits gain READ >>>>

Duke University

Presentation on Startups at Duke University

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January 17th, 2014: Duke University, Pratt School of Engineering, Pratt Professional Master Seminar Series Dragana Mendel has been invited to present at Duke University,  monthly Pratt Professional Master Seminar Series . The goal of this hour long READ >>>>

Wearable fitness trackers market share, 2014
Case Study

Case Study: Bootstrap vs. Venture Funding

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How did FitBit Bootstrap Its Way to a Market Leader Leadership team that mostly bootstraps a successful new business excels in execution, customer acquisition and operational efficiencies. In contrast management excels in easy venture capital READ >>>>


Where to Find Money to Fund a Startup?

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Is your aspiration is to have your own business one day? Is so, it’s time to start saving today because most businesses get funded from personal savings. What are the Startup Funding Options? Personal savings READ >>>>