eBook: Demystifying Venture Capital for Entrepreneurs

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(Last Updated On: February 10, 2017)
eBook: Demystifying Venture Capital for 1st Time Entrepreneurs
eBook: Demystifying Venture Capital for 1st Time Entrepreneurs

Startup culture is very strong and prominent in business and popular media where journalists equate business success to a successful venture capital raise. One can find a demo days events where startup founders can to pitch to investors in hopes of raising money almost everywhere in the US. Because of that, some people may think that it only takes a good idea and polished pitch to get seed investment. But, is such sentiment justified?

Get eBook for first time entrepreneurs: learn how to navigate venture capital industry

Some first time entrepreneurs spend a lot of time networking to get introductions to venture capitalists, and pitch to them without much success. VCs fund very specific type of companies and they have preferred way of communication. Read this eBook to learn if VC route is for you; if so, how to be effective in fundraising.

eBook: Demystifying Venture Capital for First Time Entrepreneurs from Dragana Mendel on Vimeo.

  • Contrary to the startups funded, venture capital industry is still very much old fashioned, conservative and risk avoidant.
    • How to establish an effective communication with a venture capital investor? How to earn introductions, gain trust and finally close the deal?
  • Where does money flow? Not all industry sectors are equally  funded by venture capital, so knowing the current trend is important.
  • How much money is available to be invested in Seed, Series A, Series B, Series C stage startups?
  • 2015 is bringing trend changes for Seed stage startups. What is changing?
  • Realistic valuations matter; most publicly traded companies are not worth billions of dollars. In fact, about a third of all publicly traded companies in the US  have market cap less than $200M.
    • Does this new business truly have a high growth potential? Or should you go bootstrap route?
  • Identify inactive investors to save time pitching to the wrong person.
  • 4,000 words, 16 pages long eBook packed with actionable, current and relevant advice
  • Get 15% off discount for 1-1 consulting service.
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