Don’t be an Egg on Twitter

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(Last Updated On: February 3, 2014)
Twitter Egg
Twitter Egg
  • When you get bored, you join Twitter.
  • When you join Twitter, you get confused and overwhelmed.
  • When you get get confused and overwhelmed, you become an egg!
  • Don’t become an egg!
  • Call us and asks us how not to be an Egg on Twitter!

A pun on DirecTV commercials, “when you get cable, you get bored, when you get bored, you do stupid things….” In all seriousness, social media strategy is one piece of the overall marketing strategy, which in turn is an piece of a business strategy. We understand that small business owners don’t necessarily have enough resources and/or people to develop and execute a strategic plan for revenue growth; that’s why we offer interim executive support to help busy entrepreneurs.

About Dragana Mendel 86 Articles
Dragana Mendel is a President and Principal Consultant at ANAGARD, LLC. In her role, she provides management consulting services to small and medium size businesses on the best strategy to achieve their short and long term goals.

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